Are You Applying Beard Oil Correctly?

Most bearded men know that applying beard oil is good for the skin under your beard, but did you know that you could be applying your beard oil incorrectly? To get the maximum effects of applying your beard oil, there is actually an order to the correct application. Before applying beard oil, you need to have moisture in your beard. 

My personal routine is to gently pat my beard with a luxuriously manly towel after a shower, take my model 8 comb to work out any tangles, and pick out my favorite Dixxon and Vans (or Hey Dudes if I'm feeling fancy). If it's a weekend, I just may skip the getting dressed part, my neighbors just love me. By this point, my beard is still damp but not wet. I then apply my favorite scent for the day by adding 6-7 oil drops into my hand, give it a good warming up by rubbing my hands together, then massaging it through my beard into my skin. Hot chicks (ok, fine, my wife) then admire my beard as I swagger through the rest of my day.

The one thing you should never do is apply oil to a dry beard and skin. Your skin needs to absorb the nourishing oils while the pores are still open to keep your skin moisturized and healthy. Following these easy instructions will keep you from developing annoying "beard itch" some people seem to get.