About Us

Welcome to Defined Beard Co.

A solution to enhance your quality of life through impeccable Beard Care


Beard care products have always been my passion. As a bearded man, I’ve used many different brands of beard care products. After becoming more experienced with maintaining my beard, I decided to start my journey to create my own beard care product line in early 2019.

Defined Beard Co did not start overnight. I started by developing my own blend of carrier oils. After months of research, trials, and feedback, I found a carrier oil blend that I believe felt the best in beard. I then began developing my own unique scents through extensive trials and experimentation combining essential and fragrance oils.


On January 1, 2020, I officially launched Defined Beard Co. Our mission is to bring the very best beard care products to bearded men across the world using only the highest quality ingredients and exclusive scents. Defined Beard Co is excited to continue our evolution as we add more to our product line. 

Defined Beard Co. is a premium beard care company located in Buda Texas. Keep your beard, as well as the skin underneath looking healthy, conditioned and soft with our handcrafted beard Oils, Butters, Body Soaps, Beard Bars, Beard Wash and Beard Conditioner.


Mission & Vision

We are committed not only to bringing you the best beard care products on the market but also offer the best customer experience we can provide.


Kerry Jennings

Owner and CEO

Defined Beard Co. LLC