Ace of Fades Beard Oil

Ace of Fades Beard Oil

Ace of Fades Beard Oil

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When you need that clean fresh old fashioned barber shop feeling in your beard. We've got you covered. Ace of Fades is our take on the classic old fashioned barber shop scent with an Egyptian twist! We took talcum, Egyptian musk, amber, sandalwood and rum and created your new favorite Barber shop scent. Sweet and smooth leaving you with that fresh from the barber's chair feeling!

SCENT PROFILE: Talcum, Egyptian musk, Amber, Sandalwood, and Rum

Defined Beard Co beard oil is an exceptional product designed to keep your beard and skin healthy. Our carrier oil blend is made with only high quality ingredients consisting of all natural carrier oils. It is specifically tailored to keep the skin under your beard nourished and provides a soft, non greasy, feel to your beard.


Sweet Almond Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Hempseed Oil, Vitamin E, Fragrance Blend

Put 3 or 4 drops in your hands and rub together

Massage into skin and beard

Amount of drops depends on the size of your beard 

Use the desired amount you prefer

Test on small area of skin. If irritation occurs discontinue use

1 oz. Glass bottle with plastic lid

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Wow!! Ace of Fades

Yes, this is one of the beard oils that you will want to get every drop from the bottle.
In beard feel is REALLY Nice! Beard is itch free, soft and manageable and the wife loves the scent. A winner all the way!!

Dane S

I was looking for a barber shop sent that blew my socks off, and WOW! Ace of Fades did that! Love the smell! Look forward to future purchases from this company.

Adam D

Got intrigued by the scent profile of Ace of Fades so I picked up a bottle and man o man its on the money. Very nice tones of musk and talc. Leaves my beard smelling good for hours and good softness as well

John C

Aces of Fade is an excellent scent with a matching rum and Egyptian musk smell that really works. It's my top 10 beard oils. I recently ordered Kings Bounty because when I receive it, it will confirm what kind of company Defined Beard really is, and I'm really excited. My favorite companies were Fable, The Beard Baron, Mack Grooming, and now The Defined Beard company. You are the top 4 companies that I really favor. I look forward to get all the rest of your oils including any collabs.

Tom C.

Ace of Fades. I was a little disappointed to hear that Distinguished Caballero is leaving the lineup as it was my first and favorite DBC scent. However, I just received Ace of Fades and I am no longer mad at Kerry, lol. I've already seen a few reviews stating that this scent is one of, if not the best, barbershop scents in the game so I was anxious to find out for myself. I know that "clean" is an overused cliche' but this scent is colossally CLEAN. The Egyptian Musk knocks this one out of the park. Order it! Thank you for another amazing scent, Kerry.

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